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telling my mom’s side of the family… it’s boring after about 2:00/2:15 though.. lots of just hugging and congratulations.. 

and disclaimer: this was also the first time seeing my extended family since my name change and not everyone in my family has all their wits about them at all times, so they are taking longer to remember to call me cameran. especially in the moment of excitement, as you’ll see, they couldn’t remember. 

but as for telling the extended family, they just want to know why i changed my name again. (again? i’ve changed my last name a couple times, from my parents’ name to my married name to the name i have now) so i told them that i really don’t like people thinking of me as a girl, and i really don’t like people thinking they are meeting a girl when they see my name. so i wanted a gender neutral name so that when people meet me, they don’t have as many expectations. i wanted a gender neutral name so as people get to know me, they understand that a neutral name is representative of who i am - boy and/or girl, whenever i feel like it. 

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